Red Nose Day in the USA

I’ve updated this for 2018, because it’s such an important post. Red Nose Day is tomorrow! Please participate; make this world a better place in a light-hearted way 🙂

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20170503_171353Red Nose Day is back! It first came to America in 2015. Riding public transportation to work in Chicago, passengers saw billboards mentioning Red Nose Day with a picture of someone wearing a red clown nose. I remember thinking it was a joke or possibly a movie poster. Then I discovered, at Walgreens of all places, that Red Nose Day was in fact a day denoting a serious charitable cause — while sporting a red nose, if you please — to help raise money for homeless and hungry children here and abroad, champion human rights and provide disaster relief.

Red Nose Day has been going on for decades (since 1988) in the UK, starting  as a TV fundraiser on the BBC, and has been huge ever since. Leave it to the UK, home of Monty Python’s Flying Circus and countless other hilarious shows born of British humor, to…

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Dive into Chicago with me


My article

Welcome to my blog! For years, starting in 2010, I had my own column writing for The topic I chose to write about was Chicago: places, people and events. I live right in the heart of downtown and I love this city and this lifestyle.

For instance, my husband and I can walk to and from our jobs in the Loop; we walk a couple of blocks to Grant Park and all that has to offer (especially in the summertime when Grant Park and its neighbor Millennium Park host loads of free live music and other entertainment events); a little further, and we find ourselves on the lakefront, perhaps riding the bike path or at the beach sunning. And State Street, “that great street,” famous for shopping and Frank Sinatra’s song, is steps away! Before our neighborhood got more built up, whereupon it became the biggest campus area in the country, we had a view of the lake and Buckingham Fountain from our windows. We still have a breath-taking view of Willis Tower from our patio-style rooftop. Train stations surround us, so commuting to almost any place within the city limits or beyond is easy.

It’s costly; it’s noisy; there’s heavy traffic. Where we live used to be the safest neighborhood in the city, according to the Chicago Police Department when they were located just blocks away — though now it’s not as safe as it used to be (unfortunately, a Chicago-wide trend lately). But it’s worth it because one gets spoiled surrounded by a life that’s hip and happening, bursting with all that’s new and exciting – be that new venues opening, parades or protests marching by or marathons passing through, the latest popular plays, not to mention everything that happens in the summertime when Chicago becomes a tourist town. Downtown Chicago is where it’s at! When we leave the city and later return, we gaze lovingly at the famous skyline upon our approach and are proud to call this city “home.”

So back to the days I had a column on I wrote for them until they folded in 2016. They were acquired or turned into another entity which subsequently took down the whole website. All my 100+ articles written over six years’ time disappeared into the black hole of cyberspace. Not only mine – apparently thousands of writers wrote for them and had the same experience. I want to take this chance to thank them anyhow for giving me my start writing online. And I also thank my followers, especially my loyal subscribers, for our many years together. Let’s start afresh here!

Granted, because things change quickly – restaurants open and close, shops come and go – some of my articles fell out of date. But many of them are still as relevant as ever and always will be! I occasionally sprinkled my column with off-topic articles as well – the type of articles meant to enhance life, no matter if you live in Chicago or in the remotest area of the world.

So in this blog I am re-purposing and re-posting my articles. Be aware you may stumble across some of my articles elsewhere. Someone has pirated just about every article I wrote for and slapped them on other websites. (Shame, shame!) I’ve got my eye on that situation.

Do stay tuned right here learn all about Chicago, so you can be at the hot spots – maybe we’ll even run into each other! Better yet, subscribe to keep your finger on the pulse of where it’s at. Even if you don’t live in Chicago, you may visit some day; and when you do, if you’ve been reading my articles, you’ll feel right at home navigating one of the most exciting cities in the world.

Now let’s dive into Chicago!

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