Your image – staying alive

You may wonder why I gave such a serious title to an article about image. Because it’s not only about image, it’s about your well-being. This is an important topic you may not want to be reminded about that affects your looks and your health: your stomach. And hopefully reading this will motivate you to get in shape in time for the summer season and improve your chances at longevity.

There are many causes of a big stomach, which can blight a man’s body or a woman’s. I don’t have to spell out how unattractive a disproportionately large belly is. But take heart: Whatever the cause, there is a solution; start by diagnosing the situation. In the meantime, cover it up or suck it in (sucking it in works your abdominal muscles, which may help a bit).

Overweight: Being overweight may or may not be your fault. If you feel you eat right and get enough exercise, you may want to ask your doctor to check for a sluggish thyroid. It’s more common in women than men, and more common than people think. Doctors don’t necessarily test for an under-active thyroid; it’s one of the most under-diagnosed medical conditions. If it turns out you have hypothyroidism, then going on thyroid medication to boost the thyroid’s performance can seem to melt fat off like magic as soon as you start.

If that is not your problem and you are simply overweight, cut down on carbohydrates, especially sugar. And don’t do bedtime snacks! While you sleep, HGH and IFG-1 work to keep your body youthful. If you eat within two to three hours of sleep time, neither HGH nor IFG-1 will get a chance to work properly on your behalf because your body will be too busy digesting. And bedtime snacking will cause other hormones to go awry too, leading your body to store fat, especially in the belly.

Out of shape: If you’re not necessarily overweight but you still have an unwanted stomach, get serious about your body and health. Because a big belly is not attractive on anybody, but even less attractive on an otherwise slim person. Start exercising; start today. Get disciplined and stick with it.

Bloated: Bloating looks bad. It can take an otherwise nice stomach and make you look like you’re carrying around a beach ball under your shirt. It doesn’t feel good either. Figure out why you are bloated – by researching, paying attention to how your body reacts to whatever you’re consuming and visiting your doctor – so that bloating can be alleviated. Certain foods and beverages can cause bloating, but so can a lot of other things, and a doctor, nutritionist or good internet research can help you figure it out and end it.

Health warning: A disproportionately bulging belly can signal an impending health crisis. In men this is especially important to address. Get a comprehensive checkup, including your heart. You want to stay alive, your friends and loved ones want you around – so tame your belly.

A big belly starts to behave like an extra organ in the body, a highly detrimental one. Like any organ, it strives to survive, keeping itself plump; and does this by creating hormonal imbalances that are bad for health in ways you likely have not even imagined, including body-wide inflammation which causes all manner of unwanted symptoms.

Guys and gals, ditch that belly, and not just so you will look better. Take care of your health so you can live long and strong; you only have one body in which to live life fully!

Bathing Beauty
Photo credit: Jim Goodpasture

Author: MetroMermaid

Welcome to my blog about the great city of Chicago and various other life-enhancing topics. My name is Christine. I've been reporting on Chicago in an online column for six years. Here I’ll be re-posting some of those articles plus adding new material. What qualifies me to write about Chicago? I live right in the heart of downtown Chicago and I love it. I'm like a tourist in my own city, because there's so much to see and do and always something new. Plus it's simply a stunning, gorgeous, exciting place to live or visit. Come explore with me the depths of all this city has to offer.

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