Your image – body beautiful

Gals and guys, you may be good looking, but image mistakes can spoil your looks. Be aware of the following so you can always look your best. This is especially important with the advent of summer and wearing less clothing. It’s May already; get in shape now – and you will automatically get healthier while you strive to look better! Eating properly and getting lots of exercise is important. And following are some additional image tips.


Muffin top can strike men and women at any age, affecting those who are slim or heavy. Muffin top signals two things: 1) the accumulation of fat around the waist, lower back and hips and/or 2) you have outgrown your clothes or they have shrunk.

Instant Fix: Buy bigger bottoms, avoiding clothes that cause your hips to spill over. This includes hip-hugging undies which can show bulges beneath thinner fabrics. No matter what else you may decide to do about it, take yourself on a shopping spree so you can maintain a pleasing silhouette. Muffin top is fat out of control. While you’re getting it under control, you can still look good in bigger bottoms.

Body Fix: Lose the fat via diet and exercise.


A woman can look fabulous – until you get an eyeful of bra bulge that is distracting and can spoil an otherwise great look. Fat likes to sneak onto the upper back with stress, age, lack of fitness and even hormonal imbalance. Don’t let bra bulge compromise your look.

Fix it:

Lose that flab: First, visit your doctor to find out if your thyroid gland is working up to par. If it’s not, your doctor will prescribe something to fix it, which might also make your bra bulge disappear. Also, get regular cardio workouts to burn off stubborn back fat along with exercises with weights to firm up the back.

Bad bras: Even if you’re in good shape, maybe it’s time for new bras. Try on all your bras in the mirror under your tightest, thin fabric light-colored shirt, checking the side and back views. If you see bra bulge or if the bra isn’t fitting properly, it’s time for a bra fitting and new bras. Some department stores and specialty lingerie stores do it for free. Or you can determine your correct bra size yourself. It’s good to do this every so often, because as bodies change, things shift and sizes change. The best part of this process: buying cute new bras!


Nothing announces “older gal” like a crinkly cleavage. Check it out: push your breasts together while looking in the mirror. Do you have a wrinkly cleavage?

Fix it: The skin on the chest is some of the thinnest on the human body. Moisturize liberally and often. A heavy cream, like a neck cream, especially one specifically for crepey skin — but not a shiny one (which will draw attention to crinkly cleavage, even more so if you sweat) – could help considerably.


Check out your back in the mirror, bending and twisting to see how your back looks in any position. To wear a backless style, your back must be perfectly toned and, preferably, unblemished. A dermatologist can help. In any case, wearing a bra with a backless style, unless it’s cleverly concealed, is an eyesore. If you dare to go bare with a backless top or midriff top, do a back check well before you plan to leave the house in case you end up realizing it would be best to go with a different top.


Pantyhose camouflaged flaws and offered support, but no one wears them anymore.


Take a long scrutinizing look at your legs from all angles, preferably in natural daylight or a dressing room mirror. If you don’t feel you can show them off proudly, either fix them up or cover up. In any case, analyze your leg shape and size and find a clothing length that makes your legs look their best.

Instant fix: Cover up. You can still stay relatively cool wearing bare legs beneath your pants and long skirts. The more your feet are covered, the warmer you’ll stay, so consider pretty painted toenails and attractive sandals. In leg-baring styles, wear leg wear or footwear that obscures imperfect legs.

Body fix: Work out and tone, shave, exfoliate and moisturize your legs. There is cosmetic surgery to treat vein problems. Short of that, get a spray tan, use self-tanning products on legs, or even better, Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs or a similar product. Just make sure if you alter the color of your legs, the rest of the body matches.


Be ever-mindful of your posture. Stand up straight. Sit up straight. Set up your work and play areas ergonomically for good posture

Life got you down? Stop hunkering down; all is not lost. Straighten up and you will instantly feel more in control of your reality. Feel bad because of others’ behavior? Stand up straight anyhow! Do it for you! No matter what happens, shoulders back; chin up. Carry yourself with dignity. Practicing good posture sends a message to your brain that no matter how this world treats you, you are worthwhile.

Gravity taking its toll? Become energetic: Eat foods that fuel you; get proper sleep and exercise (especially posture techniques). A series of Rolfing or Hellerwork treatments will work wonders on posture. Upright posture acts like a body lift! Try it in the mirror unclothed and you’ll see: It can make you look trimmer, taking years off your looks.

The longer you live, the more important good posture becomes. You can prevent shrinking by lifting weights and getting your calcium along with vitamin D. If you don’t do dairy or get regular sunbaths, find calcium and vitamin D3 supplements you like and take religiously.

Do not allow the accumulated cares of life weigh you down with poor posture; liberate yourself from the baggage. Go on a personal quest to regain energy and enthusiasm for living. You are so worth it!


Author: MetroMermaid

Welcome to my blog about the great city of Chicago and various other life-enhancing topics. My name is Christine. I've been reporting on Chicago in an online column for six years. Here I’ll be re-posting some of those articles plus adding new material. What qualifies me to write about Chicago? I live right in the heart of downtown Chicago and I love it. I'm like a tourist in my own city, because there's so much to see and do and always something new. Plus it's simply a stunning, gorgeous, exciting place to live or visit. Come explore with me the depths of all this city has to offer.

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  1. Good tips for Summer dressing and year round . Regarding hosiery , avoid suntan hose at all risks . Lol I wear nude or black since my legs are Super white .

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